Guest Performing with BATS Improv!

I’m honoured and excited to be performing with the  BATS Improv  Company Players  on September 23rd!  We perform The Naked Stage: A Completely Improvised 3-Act Play. No script, no set, no plan…No problem! We have no idea where the play will be set, no clue what the plot will be. But with a few suggestions from you, we’ll create a surprising, moving and hilarious brand new play right on the spot.  Each show, and each play is a one-night-only experience. You won’t believe something like this could be made up…but trust us – it will be!



Go Dutch with Kate!

Kate Middleton is coming to Victoria!

Her schedule is royally hectic and if you didn’t already pencil her in for high tea at the Empress you may be kicking yourself.

But don’t toss your tiara quit yet.  Princess Kate’s schedule has opened up and she wants to see you!  And surprise, the Queen does too!

Book your own Royal visit with Kate and The Queen!

Contact: Karen Brelsford (Kate Middleton Impersonator): karen@karenbrelsford.com












Duchess Kate

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International Women’s Day: Thank you Carol Channing

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.15.28 PM

This week the world celebrated International Women’s Day.  People posted about women who accomplished amazing feats in medicine, science, writing, motherhood – the list goes on.  Women who made the world safer.  Women who made the world better.  And women who made the world creepier.  …wait, what?

Let me explain.  When I was about 10 years old, I watched Carol Channing perform as the White Queen in a very dark version of Alice in Wonderland (I knew it as Jabberwocky). Channing creeped the crud right out of me. Her David Lynch-like voice change was the thing nightmares are made of.  It still creeps me out today.

Actors make people feel.  And that is exactly what Carol Channing did.  She wins you over with her charming disposition and then sneaks up on you with nightmare material.  Not every actor can play such delightful creepiness.  It takes skill.  So, Happy International Woman’s Day Carol Channing.  You are one very memorable and talented performer.



Now do yourself a favour and watch Carol Channing as the White Queen:

Carol Channing recently turned 95!  Happy Birthday Carol! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Channing


Upcoming Shows!

Double Feature TM

DoubFeat logo 2016

By: Karen Brelsford, Laura Wachtel, Rafe Chase, and Rez Graham

Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th.

Two improvised “films” unfold simultaneously as four actors, playing numerous characters, collaborate to create a theatrical experience that juggles a pair of completely different stories.  The results are not only entertaining, but often suspenseful and moving.

“Four Actors, one musician and one light technician create two original feature-length stories and it is completely, hysterically outrageous… you’re left with only with aching cheeks and the sense of giddiness that comes from experiencing fearlessness.”
-JoAnne Tobias, The San Francisco Guide

Stage Werx Theatre – 446 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103

Tickets: click here


BOOM! One Shot Straight to the Ego.

Page-01 copy 3

Once upon a time I auditioned for a cosmetic procedure.  I was brought in as “the after woman”, as in: This is what you will look like after cosmetic procedure X.  It was a straight up ego booster.

I even got a callback audition; another ego boost!

And then I read the words: called back for “the before woman.  [insert deflating balloon sound].

I guess having thick skin really does help.


Spotlight on Wes Borg: good people doing good things.

During my morning coffee and Facebook troll I came across two posts that caught my attention: an image about “Ikigai” (Japanese for “reason for being”) and an article about my friend Wes Borg.

The Ikigai venn diagram shows the career sweet spot; it’s a nice little balance between being good at something, loving it, getting paid to do it and somebody needs it.  I’m sure many people strive to get here; I know I do!

Ikaigai(Image from Facebook: Jason Silva).

Wes Borg seems to have found this sweet spot with his new comedy classes taking place at the Victoria Event Centre (the home of many great performance groups).  Wes is teaching comedy to adults with developmental disabilities. Through respect, encouragement and some good ol’ fashion fun, he has created a platform for people to become more confident and outgoing.  I’d say that’s a pretty great thing.  He’s even featured on the front page of The Times Colonist!  Read the full article here: Victoria comedy class challenges conventions.



Creepy actor moments…

My day job includes working as a Kate Middleton impersonator.  It is one of the most random and unexpected branches of my acting career.  And I love it!


I work with a wonderfully talented women, Carolyn Sadowska, who has been impersonating Queen Elizabeth II for over 25 years.  Together we perform in front of various audiences with puppets that represent the royal babies, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.  Recently, I found myself updating Prince George’s look.  This led to one of the creepiest internet searches yet: doll wigs.

Don’t get me wrong, I think doll makers are skilled individuals, but for some reason doll’s with realistic hair and faces are one of the creepiest things out there. (Photos: http://www.monique.com/wig01.html)

Page-01 copy

Oh and here’s what I did to Prince George…

George Double

Creeped out yet?  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Got bleach? An actor prepares…

gotbleach? copy

You know that gross sound people make when they’re speaking with a dry mouth?  The one that sounds like they’re trying to pull a hair off their tongue?  It’s pasty, sticky and annoying as heck.

Well, it happened to me.  I was heading to a voiceover job and all of a sudden I could hear “tsk tsk“.  Dang it!

I had done all the right prep: got lots of rest, drank tons of water, and did a full vocal warm up.  And then I drank milk.  And lots of it: latte, smoothie, yogurt…

Apparently milk is a jerk and will give you thick saliva (aka dry mouth or xerostomia) [1].

The voiceover job begins: I talk into the microphone and immediately the recording engineer wants to hear playback. “Hmm, sounds sticky; I’ll get you some *%#?! to drink.”  I respond with, “yes, great idea”!  Full disclosure: I have no idea what he just said.  Could have been anything… I immediately assume I’m about to drink some caustic old-school remedy.  It’s bleach isn’t it?

The recording engineer returns with a mug.  I ask: “What type of juice was that again?!”

“Apple juice.”

To my pleasant surprise, the ascorbic and malic acids in apples stimulate saliva production [2] and get rid of the pasty sound.

Next time I have an acting gig, I’m going to make sure I have a little apple juice handy.  And maybe cut back on the milk. 🙂



[1] http://chemocare.com/chemotherapy/side-effects/dry-mouth.aspx

[2] http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/716205_6